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'TEEN TITANS' GRAPHICS // titan_graphics@lj

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Teen Titan Graphics
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This is a graphics community for the animated Cartoon Network TV series Teen Titans. Feel free to join and post, but be sure to go over the rules before doing so.

+ Credit when you take an icon.
+ Comment on the icon makers' post when you take an icon.
+ Don't direct link.
+ When posting icons, post no more than four outside of an LJ Cut.
+ Post only one every 24 hours. If you have more graphics to add, wait until the next day or edit your original post.
+ All icons containing a spoiler of the new movie should go under a cut.
+ When posting teaser icons to the community, use only 'Teen Titans' icons.
+ Don't list each and every single icon in your post. It's annoying and takes up a lot of screen space. If you link to your journal and you do that, it's totally fine, but don't do it in the main comm. Or if you still really want to, do it under an LJ Cut.
+ Use tags! If you don't know about tags, you can read up on them here. You can do it for characters, episode titles, seasons, couples, whatever you want. You could even make a tag for your username, so that people could find posts just by you.
+ Images bigger than 100x100 (anything that isn't an icon) is to be placed behind an LJ Cut.
+ If requesting an icon/graphic, copy and paste the following code into your post, and fill it out. If you make a request without using this form, your post will be deleted.

If you want to pimp out your community, it must be the following:
+ Directly related to Teen Titans.
+ Done with a link only. If you have a banner, you can post it so long as it's under a LJ Cut.
+ Be linked simply. There is no need for large amounts of space to emphasize the link/comm.

Looking for Teen Titan images and information? Check out TitansGo.net.

This community is moderated by bentfire and latina.